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Dante's Purgatory: A Study on Part II of The Divine Comedy

Dante's Purgatory: A Study on Part II of The Divine Comedy

Anthony Esolen, Ph.D.

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Dante's Purgatory: A Study on Part II of The Divine Comedy

Anthony Esolen, Ph.D.

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Quick Overview

Course Introduction

We Know What Happens in Hell... But What about Purgatory?

Dante's Inferno revealed some titillating details about the punishments inflicted on sinners - but in a way, we already knew what happens to people in Hell. In this second part of The Divine Comedy, Dante probes the mysteries of that strange and often misunderstood place between earth and Heaven. Virgil and Dante discover the astonishing spiritual reality of Purgatory as they climb through the terraces on Mount Purgatory. Dante created a poetic vision which might be the best imaginative representation of Purgatory ever written. Join Dante, Virgil, and Professor Esolen to continue the journey begun in the Inferno which will culminate in the ineffable beauty of Paradise.


The digital course includes lifetime access to eight 30 minutes lectures, a quiz on each lecture and a PDF of the Lecture Guide. The full-color Lecture Guides provide helpful discussion questions, insightful lecture summaries, and suggested readings for each participant. Passing each quiz in the course with a minimum score of 70% gives the student a certificate of completion, which can be applied to one our certificate programs. See Certificates for more detail.

Course Lectures

Meet your Professor

Professor Anthony Esolen holds a Doctorate in Renaissance English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a Professor of English at Providence College, located in Providence, Rhode Island. He is the translator of the celebrated three-volume Modern Library edition of Dante's Divine Comedy (Random House). He is a Senior Editor for Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, and his articles appear regularly in First Things, Catholic World Report, Magnificat, This Rock, and Latin Mass.



Course Introduction

Step inside the classroom to view a 8-10 minute sample from one of the lectures of this course.

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