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 The Hobbit: Discovering Grace and Providence in Bilbo's Adventures

The Hobbit: Discovering Grace and Providence in Bilbo's Adventures

Joseph Pearce

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The Hobbit: Discovering Grace and Providence in Bilbo's Adventures

Joseph Pearce

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Quick Overview

Course Introduction

In this course, Joseph Pearce shows that Tolkien's own words about The Lord of the Rings being a "fundamentally religious and Catholic work" also apply to The Hobbit. Some readers mistakenly believe that The Hobbit is just a simple children's story. Tolkien might have written the book for his children's entertainment, but the best children's literature always has a deep level of meaning, and The Hobbit is no exception.


The digital course includes lifetime access to eight 30 minutes lectures, a quiz on each lecture and a PDF of the Lecture Guide. The full-color Lecture Guides provide helpful discussion questions, insightful lecture summaries, and suggested readings for each participant. Passing each quiz in the course with a minimum score of 70% gives the student a certificate of completion, which can be applied to one our certificate programs. See Certificates for more detail.

Course Lectures

Meet your Professor

Joseph Pearce is Director of the Center for Faith and Culture and Writer in Residence at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a renowned biographer whose books include his autobiography, Race with the Devil: My Journey from Racial Hatred to Rational Love (Saint Benedict Press, 2013); Candles in the Dark: The Authorized Biography of Fr. Ho Lung, Missionaries of the Poor (Saint Benedict Press, 2012), Through Shakespeare's Eyes: Seeing the Catholic Presence in the Plays (Ignatius Press, 2010); and Tolkien: Man and Myth, a Literary Life (HarperCollins, 1998). He is the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Higher Education from Thomas More College for the Liberal Arts and also received the Pollock Award for Christian Biography. He is co-editor of the St. Austin Review and has hosted two series on Shakespeare for EWTN, as well as hosting several EWTN productions on J. R. R. Tolkien.


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